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We are a specialist law firm providing expert advice and representation in licensing law, regulatory crime and local authority prosecutions. Like Oscar Wilde, we enjoy being talked about – usually by our clients about how much they value our service. Although we are excellent at what we do, what we are not quite so hot at, however, is spouting meaningless tag-lines or cliché’s about how commercially aware, client-focused, responsive or approachable we are. Although we are all of these things, we prefer to let our clients do the talking.

So, whatever your needs in the areas of alcohol and entertainment licensing, (or any kind of licensing come to that), or trading standards, environmental health, road traffic, planning and other local authority, professional body or public authority enforcement proceedings, we have only one ‘mission statement’ – to enthusiastically and fearlessly pursue your best interests at all times. As your lawyers we never forget the importance of being earnest...

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